Hello world

My name is Adam Rutkowski, I am a software engineer working out of Warsaw, Poland. I am a developer @ Sillicon Valley's Ubiquiti Networks.

Professionally, my primary interest is building and cursing distributed, scalable, soft-real time systems. Naturally, my weapon of choice is Erlang/OTP, but I am interested in learning and mastering Clojure, OCaml and gazillion of other things one day.

I focus on delivering enterprise class software done right which in my understanding is shipped _and_ maintainable. I believe that the only confidence you can get about software is through extensive testing.

When I'm not a work, you can find me doing stuff intermittently at:

If you have gotten that far, make sure you don't miss vim-erlang project which I am a member/founder of. Vim is my daily-driver, but in the meantime I'm trying to learn myself some emacs strictly for fun. I have never met a person who mastered both, hence my part-time ambition to become one :-)

In my private life, I enjoy being a dad of two extraordinary human beings. I also enjoy craft beer, combat sports and hanging out with people who don't care about other people's gender, preferences, origins etc.

Feel free to contact me by dropping a line to hq@mtod.org