dadops, beer and programming

Hello, my name is Adam.

I am a software professional working out of Warsaw, Poland.

Professionally, my primary interest is building and cursing distributed, scalable, soft-real time systems. Naturally, my weapon of choice is Erlang/OTP, but I am interested in learning and mastering Clojure, OCaml and gazillion of other things one day.

I focus on delivering enterprise class software done right which in my understanding is shipped _and_ maintainable. I believe that the only confidence you can get about software is through extensive testing and measurments.

In my personal life...

I enjoy being a dad of Magda and Kosma, and a husband of Karolina - my three favorite human beings ever.

I also enjoy craft beer, travelling, handwriting, watching combat sports and hanging out with people who don't care about other folk's gender, preferences, origins etc.

Get in touch

You can find me doing stuff intermittently at:

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