about me

I’m Adam.

Accidental badboy. Family guy. Jogger. Computerist. Remorse 1981 alumni. Plausible Analytics dev by day. Podcasts addict by night. Based in Ursus 🐻.

Working mainly with erlang (since 2010) and elixir (since 2015), still learning. Rocking sway/wayland on archlinux btw and neovim all day.

I sometimes shoot photos. I have a soft spot for open-source, FROM games (Bloodborne, Dark Souls etc.), functional programming, digital privacy, pixel art, retro computing, dead lifts, trad tats, comfy running shoes and most recently, single-speed cycling.

Love life for lyfe ❤️

Online Identity

You can check out my proofs at keyoxide. My keybase profile is decommissioned.


fingerprint 4a7ccb82