Random software related notes I took. Possibly outdated by now.


Tiny bits I programmed for fun.

GitHub RepoLanguageDescription
binppErlangBinary pretty-printer
BrainfunkErlangBrainfuck implementation
bumperlErlangSemantic version bumper for Erlang/OTP apps
decompilerlElixirDecompile Elixir into Erlang
django-dillaPythonDatabase spammer
gen_cycleErlangSimple, generic OTP behaviour for recurring tasks
kaiErlangKairosDB Client
monotoniaVimL/iTerm2A minimal colorscheme
PassyPythonSecure password generator
silosVimL/shellMy dotfiles
TabulaElixirTabular pretty-printer for maps/structs collections
vim-erlang suiteVimL/ErlangA set of vim plugins to work with Erlang


$ whoami | head


I am a software professional working out of Warsaw, Poland with years of hands-on experience with Erlang/OTP & Elixir, production grade systems.

I am a team player with strong work ethics. I build, and work with, remote teams worldwide.

I value privacy, honesty and trust in human relationships; professionally or otherwise I  live by the Golden Rule.


My daily driver is mid-2014 i7 16G MBP with HHKB2 and some low-end Dell extra display, where I dispatch test runs to, via tmux, from within vim.

I use Firefox Nightly almost exclusively.

I tend to stick with Xiaomi devices for mobile & home accessories. I flash them with Resurrection Remix if applicable.


In my private life I enjoy being a dad of two extraordinary human beings.

I like basketball, jiu-jitsu, other people's tattoos, swimming & diving with my kids. Craft beer is great too.

When I'm fed up, I write rap songs. Occasionally I record and release them, paying very little attention to the latter.