Naming is hard. Renaming is easy.

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Cast of characters

  • Peer A - open source enthusiast

  • Peer B - open source enthusiast

  • The Crowd (international community of open source enthusiasts)

Act 1

Scene 1

Somewhere on The Internet

Peer A: Hi, community. I made a thing named “<a word>”

Peer B: Not sure what your intentions for the announcement were, but just in case it was to invite people to participate in the project, it would be wise to rename it. Maybe try a different name?

Peer A: Oops, I had no idea. Rename on the way!

runs sed

commits & pushes

The Crowd

shuts the fuck up and gets busy with something productive

Narrator: In the wonderful world of open source, sharing is caring! Use your freedom of no-speech or play stupid games to win stupid prizes!


Thanks Siraaj for helping me with that post. <3

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