The Year of Linux Desktop - intro

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some dudes hit midlife crisis and buy a Harley at 40, while others rediscover the unix dream

– anonymous

I’m fed up with Apple and the direction they’re taking. I’m pretty sure they don’t care about me as a user.

I don’t think it’s OK for me to continue paying them the ridiculous amounts of money for some mid-tier hardware and an okay-ish Unix flavour that does not cease to disappoint with every release, at least since Tiger.

Also fuck new Macbook Pro keyboards. Using keyboards is what I do for love & living, that blasphemy won’t affect me.

This year, I’m planning to spend my evenings on getting a usable Linux desktop, just like the old days (TM).

I took some time to fiddle with various Linux distros on my Macbook, mainly to see how efficient can I get, from scratch.

I really love the keyboard setup Apple imposes. They got it right, it’s a killer feature. A single GUI toolkit with clear, unified design guidelines is what makes it great.

I’ll gamble with Solus Budgie for the initial run. I like the effort a handful of developers are putting into it. I’ll do my best to contribute.

I am getting ready – the PC is on its way and it’s damn powerful, yet still way cheaper than this new Macbook with its stupid physical keyboard and ubiquitous latency I don’t need. Nope, not going to pay for iMac Pro. Retina is surely great, but full blown HiDPI support will eventually get there. I can afford a year of evenings trying to get it right, with more cores underneath.

Using computers is all about that freedom to me.

There will be, hopefully, a series of blog posts of me struggling with the final setup.

I already took some initial notes, links to further ramblings will appear here. Stay tuned.

In RMS we trust. Or something.

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