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Input devices

For years I’ve been using PFU HHKB2.

It was a great experience and probably the end game in small-factor keyboards, but I felt it was necessary to prevent RSI creeping up and switched to ZSA Moonlander in late 2020. I’m keeping the HHKB2 forever, I still feel it’s too perfect piece of hardware to ever go on sale.

You can inspect my layout that’s always work in progress.

I’m experimenting with Colemak, mainly because my QWERTY typing speed on the Moonlander seems to be capped at 70wpm (I used to get around 120wpm on HHKB2).

I currently use it with Hako Violet switches and some XDA keyset I got on AliExpress.

For photo editing and random drag & drops I use the Kensignton Slimblade trackball. I think it’s way more comfortable than a regular mouse, especially with mouse buttons available on the keyboard itself.