Document Tags

In Zettelkasten tags are usually redundant. wb provides a simple implementation that may serve as an additional grouping layer generating Backlinks.

Documents can be tagged via Front Matter.

Before rendering is triggered, wb collects all the tagged documents, and writes unified tag index to disk in tags/ directory under Layout Root. This directory contains a list of all tags and can be referenced via [[tags]] wikilink.

Default templates do not link the tag index out of the box.

👀 This documentation is tagged for illustrative purposes. You can access the tag index here. This document has been tagged as #interesting.

⚠️ The tags implementation comes with a couple of caveats:

So the rule of thumb is: if you like to use document tags, do not create your own files/directories named tags.


Assuming we have a sample set of documents tagged as follows:

title: Document one
 - happy

title: Document two
 - happy
 - fun

wb will create the following structure in :

├── happy
│   └──
└── fun

Such that:

Additionally, both and rendered will be annotated with #happy and #fun backlinks.


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